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Download Zoiper For Free [2022]

If you’re needing a dependable, secure, and user-friendly VoIP phone system for your home or business, Zoiper is the answer. With its many features and easy navigation, it’s the go-to option to satisfy your communication requirements.

From web and desktop clients to mobile apps, it offers a comprehensive solution to make phone calls, video conferences, and more. With Zoiper, you can make and receive calls from virtually any device, while also enjoying features like call recording, call forwarding, and more.

In this guide, we’ll discuss with you how to download and install Zoiper on your device and will discuss some of the features of this software.

Zoiper Features:

Zoiper is a VoIP softphone designed to provide users with a comprehensive set of features for making and receiving VoIP calls. It is a popular choice for those who need an easy-to-use softphone for making and receiving calls over the Internet.

Some of the key features of Zoiper include:

Support for multiple VoIP protocols: It supports SIP, IAX, H323, and other VoIP protocols, allowing users to connect to almost any VoIP service provider.

Integrated address book: Includes an address book to store contacts, making it easier to quickly look up and dial contacts.

Call forwarding and call transfers: Have the ability to forward calls and transfer them to other users.

Support for multiple audio and video codecs: It has a range of audio and video codecs, including G.711, G.729, and H.263.

Built-in encryption and security: Possess built-in encryption and security to keep calls safe and secure.

Multi-line support: Users can configure multiple lines within Zoiper, allowing them to make and receive multiple calls at once.

Integrated voicemail: This contain an integrated voicemail system, permitting you to record and store voicemails.

Integrated call recording: It can record calls for later playback, making it easier to save important conversations.

Integrated fax support: This software allows consumers to send and receive faxes from within the application.

Integrated IM and chat: Zoiper includes integrated IM and chats capabilities, permitting users to communicate with other users in real-time.

How to download and install Zoiper for Free?

How to download and install Zoiper for Free

  1. Visit the Zoiper official website. 
  2. Download the installer. Select the “Free” option to download the free version of Zoiper. The file will be saved to your Downloads folder by default.
  3. Open the installer. Double-click the Zoiper installer file to open it.
  4. Follow the installation prompts. Click “Next” to begin the installation and accept the terms of service.
  5. Select installation options. You can make changes to the installation options if desired. Otherwise, click “Next” to proceed.
  6. Finish installing Zoiper. Click “Install” to complete the installation process.
  7. Open Zoiper. Launch the Zoiper program from your Start menu or desktop shortcut.



In the end, we would say that Zoiper is a great alternative to the default VoIP applications found on most devices. It provides an easy-to-use interface, excellent audio and video quality, and a wide range of features that make it a great choice for both personal and business use. 

With its free version, you can easily test it out to see if it meets your needs, and the paid version offers even more features and customization options. Whether you’re looking for a new VoIP app for your home or business, Zoiper is worth a look.

Get started with Zoiper Download today and experience the power of reliable VoIP communication.


Q: Is Zoiper free?

Yes, Zoiper is a free software application for making VoIP calls. It is available for desktop and mobile devices and supports a variety of VoIP protocols. The free version of Zoiper is fully functional and includes all the basic features needed to make and receive VoIP calls, such as caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, and more.

Q: Is Zoiper software safe?

Yes, Zoiper software is safe and secure to use. It is regularly tested and updated to ensure that there are no security flaws in its software. Additionally, Zoiper has implemented measures to ensure that all data is encrypted, protecting it from being accessed by unauthorized sources.

Q: What is Zoiper used for?

Zoiper is a softphone application used for making and receiving VoIP calls. It is compatible with most of the major VoIP providers and can be used for both personal and business use. Zoiper offers features such as call encryption, call recording, call transfer, voicemail, and call forwarding.

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